Gianluigi Maras‘ passion for the art of the organs comes from afar, his maternal grandfather Luigi was the organist at the local parish in San Valentino di Fiumicello, Maras’ hometown. Wanting to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, Mr. Maras started learning how to play the organ under his grandfather’s guidance and later he enrolled at the “J. Tomadini” conservatory in Udine, where he obtained a diploma in organ and organ composition.

Mr. Maras’ love for the organ pushes him to discover what lies beneath its keys, what makes its sound unique and fascinating. Motivated by his curiosity he started working as an apprentice at a renowned friulian organ factory, but Gianluigi wanted to put his own personal touch, his own stamp on his creations, so after many years spent as an apprentice he decided to create “Organaria Isontina” in 2010. While working on the field, Mr. Maras studied at the “Pipe Organ Restoration School” in Crema (Italy) obtaining his qualification in organ restoration while working with some of the most important organ builders in the Lombardy region.


Organaria Isontina is the only artisan company that restores organs and pipe organs located in the north-east, heir of the ancient tradition of the Gorizia province. Since 2010 Organaria Isontina carried out restoration and maintenance projects on a number of organs and armoniums throughout North-East Italy and beyond.

Organaria Isontina performs with competence and professionalism the following works:

Restoration of organs and armoniums;

Construction of pipe organs;

Annual maintenance operations;

Construction of studio consolles (Hauptwerk system);

Construction of benches, lecterns and furniture for MIDI systems.

Filology of restoration applied to the MIDI system.

We perform restoration projects on old organs and to carry out our intervention and recover old keyboards, pedal boards or consolles we can adapt MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) electronic systems to existing hardware.

Organaria Isontina is on a continuous effort to improve the touch and feel of electronic keyboards and make it more similar to mechanical organs; the company developed its own system that can be adjusted and customized to better fit the preferences of the organist.

On our artisanal keyboards everything is customizable: the wood selection, the width, the spacing, all these factors can be customized to better fit the player’s requirements. The keyboards can be fitted on electric pipe organs or as instruments for the Hauptwerk system or other “virtual” organs.